Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Remove Blackheads and Prevent

The face is clean is everyone's dream, but blackheads are often a problem on your skin, so you should know how to remove blackheads and simultaneously how to prevent blackheads. Plug the pores on your face is small, there is a black or white.
Blackheads emerged as a result of the accumulated oil production which mixes with dead skin. Black blackheads usually called Blackhead (open comedone) while regular white called Whitehead (closed comedones). Below is discussed about how to remove blackheads and prevention.

1. Using Ice Cubes in a way rubbed ice cubes on your face that has blackheads, and time ran was about 10 minutes.

2. Make a habit of healthy living, adequate nutrition and rest adequately.

3. Add water to orange skin then put on your face overnight.

4. Combine the egg whites with a dollop of honey and apply evenly to your face and then wait for it to dry and then wash with warm water to clean and do this way when you are sleeping.

5. Break Aloe Vera mucus there then you have to eliminate blackheads on the area and rub your face for a while and then wash your face with warm water until clean.

6. Keep your face as often as possible to wash your face with clean water, if you are a Muslim do ablution each time at least five times a day according to the time of the five daily prayers.

7. Drink enough water about 8 glasses of standard every day so your digestion smooth.

8. Facial at the salon is one good way, because it is directly handled by experts and do facials regularly but not too close the gap. usually do facial about once a week.

9. Use a warm towel that has been soaked in hot water then wash on your face that has blackheads slowly.

So how to get rid of blackheads and how to prevent further

As for how to prevent blackheads on your face is as follows:

1. Pillowcases should be changed as often as possible because when you sleep then the oil left on the pillow will stick to your face.

2. If you can then you can manually Facial Spa close by your face in hot water vapor that feels on your face (not bury your face in hot water well? ... Be careful)

3. Use a different towel for your face as often as possible.

4. Scrubs on your face every time you take a shower and choose the mask that the material of clay.

5. For women avoid the use of cosmetics in the form of oil or cream.

6. Avoid products are comedogenic cosmetics compact powder, milk cleanser, foundation, sunscreen, shampoo or conditioner ginseng.

7. Attach a warm towel on the face about 10 minutes before you sleep.

So some how get rid of blackheads and prevent it. Hopefully useful.